DOOM DONG makes Cat Chorizo


Long Overdue Updates for 2012

We’ve been neglectful. I guess trying to release an album over the holidays wasn’t really the best choice. Whoops.

So here’s the new gameplan:

1) First album is now slated for a romantic Feb 14, 2012 release. This will happen first in CD and iTunes form. It’s concise and affordable. It’s called “My Guitar’s On A Mountain In Space.”

2) Doom Dong west-coast tour happening. Happening April 2012. Played with smooches. SoCal to NorWa and back. About ten days long.

Vague, bonus updates!
3) Follow-up EP, hopefully by tour! Super cheap. Super fun.

4) Vinyl releases, music videos, shirts, wash cloths, socks, website, disguise masks, etc. Who knows?!

5) Unconditional love and devotion.

See you soon!

Doom Dong